Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cats love christmas too...

Or so their stocking says.... Yes, I am a neurotic pet owner who does not leave the critters out on Christmas.

Last year my proud Alpha male opened his stocking while we were out celebrating on christmas eve. He even chewed through the plastic to get out the mice inside. I found a scrap of fur and a piece of clay laying next to it. He struted around like king o' the castle for days afterwards.

Einar is one special cat. I don't think I have talked about him, but man this cat is big! He can stand on his rear paws and touch my kitchen counter. Drinking from the toilet, no problem he just sticks his front two paws in and goes for it. And the tail.... Oh My God! We measured his tail.... 13 inches. Something any male should be proud of, heehee.

This year we introduced Simon the siamese kitten and well, I personally think they play together at night when we sleep. During the day however; a whole new vocab has come out of my big boy's mouth. He just came in to the bedroom and raised a ruckus because he found the little one oh too near his daddy. They are both now sleeping about a foot away from each other with a pillow seperating the two like the berlin wall.

My cats entertain me way too much. I guess this is a by product of being stuck at home and well being easily ammused. So, yes my cat's love christmas too. Can't wait to pull out the lazer toy. Fun for all....

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