Monday, November 8, 2010

100 Thank Yous!

Rhonda and the other positive persons who have given me uplifting positive input, thank you. I have just found some wonderful new resources and I believe things will be look up soon.

I am just so lucky the area I live has so many resources available to the community. Beyond dealing with my teen I have never seen a more proactive system of dealing with life and all it's strugles.

I am strong believer in fate and that life gives us answers, it's just takes seeking them out. Perhaps that is what drew me to the far beyond. Nothing is broken, nothing is unfixable. I think sometimes it just takes getting to the right person to ask.

Thank you for your kind words and I will continue to ignore the negativity pouring out of someone so insignificant. I honestly feel sorry for you annonymous, you must be such an unhappy person to have to attack people on the internet.

My life is mine and I love my daughter enough to do what is right and do everything I can to make our family unit as happy and healthy as possible. I will take every resource I can get and love it!

Thank You my supportive and loving friends, I know you are there!


jojo said...

I am so excited, this is my 100th post! I am glad I am filled with joy and hope as I share this lil' milestone!

Blasé said...

It is easy to sit back in a chair on the internet making assessments of others when you don't know all the relating circumstances.

The internet is full of insecure people who try to feel intelligent by telling someone else what they should do with their life.

Blasé said...


Get Out Of Town!


rhonda said...

I am so proud of you! Someday, that troubling teenage daughter who causes you all these headaches will be your best-friend. Mothers and daughters have their tough times, but if they can get through it, it only makes them closer down the road. Why does it work this way? Well, I can only speculate, but I think its because as these young girls grow, they learn more about life and its challenges and struggles, and sooner or later it dawns on them that the one real true person who had their best interest at heart the entire time was their mother. At the moment she thinks you are satan, but she will soon realize that you are her angel. She has to realize what love is and then she will know what unconditional love is, and then she will know "mom" and her true intentions. Someday, you will look back and reminisce upon these moments with laughter, as she sits in front of you and begs you for advice about how to handle her own rebellious teen. When you find it is difficult to handle this child, look this rebellious teenage girl in the eyes and try to remember that this is same little face that stared up at you as a sweet, innocent, dependent little baby girl. That always helped me when I found it was hard to love them through the tough times

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your 100th!! I love this pic; you should put it in a permanent place on your blog :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Hey you. Trolls are so NOT worth your time and energy. Your child is worth them!

Congrats on 100!!!!

Hugs and love.