Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Temporary Insanity?

I know everyone has had some moment where they have done something, said something or acted completely unlike their normal selves. WELL, yesterday I had that day.It all started....

My children have been since we moved here reguarlly having to retrieve hopefully items from two different families and I use that term loosely. Yesterday it was my youngest winter coat. I went to the door and asked the child where the coat was, the kid shrugged picked up an item or two and said "you wanna come dig?", I asked for a parent. After another shrug I then said I will involve the police. They gave me my coat I said "no offense we have just been loosing alot of items lately and I understand another home has naked babies running around and I don't want to see it because if I do I'll have to report it."

Apparently one child started crying so the man came over and said we've talked before when there was a problem and let's keep this neighborly. He then went and told the other woman who I had never even met and she showed up at my door screaming. She proceeded to stand chest to chest with me on my front step and scream. I told her to get off my property and she was now tresspassing and I could do what ever I needed to do to remove her. She kept screaming chest to chest with me. I slammed the door in her face and she continued beating on my door. I got my son to call the police. I let them know I had ordered her off my property and she would not leave.

Next shows up her twin sister who's three year old was the child my oldest had seen completely naked standing on the kitchen table.During all of this she would not step off of the grass, every one else was. She kept screaming in my face "do it", "hit me". I finally cracked and punched her in the face. Two men took me to the ground on my face and her as I had a handfull of her hair. I wasn't going down alone. I have scratches on my face, neck and even in my ear. I lost some hair as well, but the police didn't allow me to press charges to the men who ground my face into the face into the asphault. I know it was wrong, but I just snapped. I have never even been in a fist fight but I have a bruised knuckle so something left a mark.

I am embarassed to admit I couldn't let it go and just wait out the police. Has any ever done some thing this dumb or perhaps have some insight other than "you shouldn't have hit her."


Tara R. said...

I hope all of this madness comes out in your favor. I've been very close to doing this myself, but was thankfully stopped before any blows were landed. Good luck!

jojo said...

Me, too! I have never in my life dealt with such crazy people and now everyday my son gets to hear your mom is a fat biatch and she got beat down. Which didn't even happen, but I guess when you are red like that you gotta lie and say you won the fight. Something has got to give! Thanks!