Friday, January 22, 2010

Keepin' it real

Obvious and not so obvious things pointed out to me recently

-I have a temper (imagine that)
-I cause people to think outside the box
-I am honest to a fault
-I live honestly
-I speak frankly
-you can talk to me for hours and still not have me pegged
-I am intensely loyal to my friends and family
-I have taken big chances
-I do not hold grudges
-I still believe in true love
-I plan on learning how to fix my next relationship, if I ever have one from the get go
-I am not materialistic
-I have good taste
-I am either very quiet or very outspoken
-I am clarvoyant at times
-I believe that I can control and change moods around me
-I can also be influenced by my atmosphere easily
-I rarely believe in coincidence
-I am affectionate and need more hugs
-I will always be a project in motion

What have I missed?


Blasé said...

I can deal with all that....but too much more and it might test me!

Keep-it-Real, sweetie!

jojo said...

lol, I am so real!

Anonymous said...

thinks the world should bow 2 u

Anonymous said...

focuses too much on men/dating.

jojo said...

bite me, ya know if ya don't have anything nice to say....