Thursday, December 3, 2009

pride or stupidity?

I have always considered myself a very independent person. I was in college by 17y.o. of which I worked my way through and into my first career job at 20. When it came to find my first job I interviewed in GA, SC, NC and a few others spots. I drove most of it. The company in Atlanta flew me down.

While in college one of my last clinicals was in MN, by my choice. I took a very long Am track trip followed by a hotel stay then a taxi to an out lying area. I learned how to take the buses back into Minneapolis to explore and I found the sky walks and h2o+. (The best body care products ever!)

Recently, I went to Seattle by myself. I flew out alone very early in the morning then used up my spare time exploring Pike Place market and parts of downtown. I had my Dr.s appointment stayed in one of the hospital's ancient hotels and repeated the process backwards the next day.

I guess what I am trying to say is I have always met life head on with an I will do this or die trying attitude.

Now that my health has slowed me down, I have had to learn to not just ask, but beg for help. I need help packing and moving our belongings. I have called at least 15 agencies and 3 churches. I had to ask for help the first day out of the hospital as I came home to no Internet, which meant no phone as we run skype. I had to have help as I fixed all of that.

My parent's had to help me get into our new diggs. HELP!! Why do we as a society as a whole feel that this word means weakness. Our beginnings of our country were based upon the help of the natives to those clueless Europeans.

If asking for help means I have no pride, so be it. I am broadcasting plea's for help far and wide. JoJo and her kids need help getting moved! I don't feel ashamed or any less proud of myself. If anything I am proud that I have the sense to beg.

I hope someone, somewhere wanders by and can be helped by my feelings of "I am not above begging!"
Thank you all who read or lurk. I feel your luv!


Unknown said...

Dearest jo-jo, I know that I live on the other side of the world but if there is any way in which I can help, please please please let me know x

jojo said...

your comments make me feel special each time you leave one, so you are doing so much more than you know! Thank you so much for sharing your spirit and heart with me. It is not something I take for granted! xxxxx!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Um honey? I live about 20 minutes from Sea-Tac, 20 minutes from Pill Hill where Swedish and Harborview hospitals are placed, maybe 45 minutes from UW med ctr. My point is CALL me next time. Email moi at and I'll send my numbers etc.

I became a nurse to help others-in whatever way works. Except money, don't got me any monies. :P Janice

jojo said...

sweetie if I ever come back to seattle you are first on my list. In all reality exhausting myself helped the diagnosis as I was sideways and barely talking properly. M.S. is a slippery bitch!