Thursday, December 3, 2009

My miracle

Whilst I was hospitalized I had a miracle. I know many don't or will not believe, but I do. I had just changed rooms and had spent a fairly sleepless night due to the regular check ins and m.s. neuritis pain. My bedside table was empty.

The next day I saw something that looked like trash on my bedside table.I thought maybe it was the end of a wrapper of a lifesavers pack. Ya' know silver and round. I didn't give it much thought until another woman mentioned she always found dimes when she felt the spirit of her ex- husband. So, I thought again and looked.

On my bedside table lying there was a silver pressed angel. I was awake all night so when did it come? Well, I slept with it in my hand and kept it either next to my heart or in my pocket. I drug it back out today as the monkey and the person it's attached to showed up at my house.

Things got dark and ugly fast! I will have to take care of business tomorrow, but it pains me as it has to be this way. I can't say I have formulated a lesson learned, but the angel is back in my pocket and will be staying there for a good while.

I know we all need someone to believe in. For me just holding a silver angel disk is enough. For now!


Unknown said...

You are so right, we definitely need someone to believe in. Someone to share our thoughts with and someone that will always be there....

I have my grandfather's ring. He died when I was 13 years old, but each time I need someone, I twist the ring around on my finger and I know he is there by my side. We all need somebody real but holding the ring, like you so beautifully wrote at the end of your post, is enough for now.

Jo-Jo, I'm sending you all my warmest wishes, and will think of you next week when I am in London xx

jojo said...

Thank you so much, sometimes I think I am just a rambling fool. I hope you have a blast and do smile an extra time for me, I do believe I'll feel it even across the sea!

oh, I do know I have awful spelling btw ;)! xxxxxxx