Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have found a new home for the kids and I!

I also discovered property management companies are quite slippery. I gave them a deposit, and application fee and then I had 24 hours to give them everything else they needed or they would have kept my money????

I got yelled at by the realtor/management person because I asked to sit and wait while my paperwork was processed. He even went so far as to say that if I didn't apologize he wouldn't let me live there. HUH?

Anyway I'll keep this short and sweet we have a forward destination and now I am just praying and begging everyone for help packing and physically moving!

Here's to a new start for the new year!


Tara R. said...

Wow!! What a jerk the management person was. Is there anyone you could complain too?

Congrats on the new digs though. Hope the move goes well.

jojo said...

Thank You Tara, yeah he was weird. I don't think I will have to deal with him again.... I hope!

We are gonna move one way or another :).

Unknown said...

He certainly gets my "jobsworth" award for today. I am really pleased that you have some new digs! Keeping my fingers crossed for you x

jojo said...

but can ya cross your toes? nah just playing. He's still being intentionally slow as to when I can move in. Karma, big doses of karma is my new mantra!