Wednesday, December 1, 2010

you are so much funnier than me....

This image came via Kelley at magnetoboldtoo She is one funny woman with a rockin' sense of humor! I personally know a man or two like this and oh so wish I could pass it on. I can't so, ex in-law who's wife holds your genitals in her purse, this one is for you!

Then there is Sandra, she is giggle out loud maybe even snort or two funny. Her most recent post made me want to copy her right away and harass my kids with the va-jay- jay word incessantly. Really, you wanna go read her.

Finally, there is Deborah, not only is she a genius... she is funny. Laugh out loud and maybe shed a tear funny. She is working on a high level degree in psychology and I always love her point of view, it's fresh and so smart. I love learning from anyone in the blog world, but she knows A LOT! So, again go meet Deborah.

When I started blogging, it kinda followed my view of life, express myself and then try to make some sense of it all. I have been humbled by writers who are just that bonafide writers and now by the true comics I have found in the blogosphere, please, read and enjoy. I know I will.

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