Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's a buggin' me

Lately, I have tried to be more grateful and thankful in my approach to life and my blog but, there are a few things stuck in my crawl. I'm sure my friend over at my game its your move will get this.

1. The girl at church who stands on the pulpit barefooted...WERE YOU RAISED IN A BARN? That's a pulpit, ya' know holy and all that.....

2. Family members that involve children in personal issues. COME ON, SHOW SOME CLASS AND LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT!

3. My budding teenager throwing a temper tantrum every time she gets told "no..." A THREE YEAR OLD TANTRUM WITH SCREAMING CRYING AND POUNDING ON THANKFULLY MY CONCRETE WALLS. Get a grip little girl, life is full of "no's" and Authority!

4. Her younger brother copying her who actually cried while he was doing dishes...PUHLEASE, ARE THEY GETTING YOUNGER AS THEY GET OLDER?

5. My boyfriend who I love more than any man telling me " I have to stop flirting!" DO WHAT? I AM NOT EVEN AWARE THAT I FLIRT AND IF I DO IT'S PART OF MY PERSONALITY! In the almost year we have been together surely he has gotten a grasp of who I am!

6. Not being able to wake up without some body part screaming that I have laid on... COME ON, I AM ONLY 37, I MAY HAVE A DISEASE, BUT I AM TRYING NOT TO LET IT HAVE ME!
I go to the doctor today to adress my swelling and make sure my parts and pieces are all still working.

7. Seeing all this research and new developments being done and not being able to be part of it.... I KNOW CCVSI IS A SERIOUS SURGERY, BUT THEY ARE RELEASING THE TOXINS FROM THE BRAIN AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING BETTER... DON'T I DESERVE THIS CHANCE?
Montel got to go to Wisconsin and have his brain stem stimulated. I MAY NOT BE FAMOUS, BUT I AM IMPORTANT TOO! I WANT MY CHANCE!

8. Watching my boyfriend working his butt off for day labor AND GETTING PAID PENNIES! YES, IT IS BETTER THAN BEING HOME DOING NOTHING, BUT EVERY JOB HAS GIVEN HIM RAVE REVIEWS. Please, please let something stick soon, he is doing his pennance for screwing up the good job... now we need the income and he needs to work!

Okay, I think I am done for now... lol. As usual I am not afraid to let it all out. This is what started my cyber-jerk stalking to begin with. I am living my life the best way I know how and learning every step of the way. I will not give up or give in. I am JoJo, hear me Roar!


Blasé said...

I like the sound of your "Roar"

Good thing about the blogosphere is that you can just let it all OUT!

Be encouraged, my friend.

The Katzbox said...

JoJo, I adore your roar. I adore you externalizing your emotions. I adore you being you.

#2:For real! It's parents and other adults being children...irritating as all get out!

#3: I have issues with teenagers. I think they're all retarded because their brains don't work right (and research backs this up)...but when I say "they're retarded", I insult my friends who are mentally retarded because I'm comparing them to teenagers.

#4: Bravo for having your son do the dishes...your kids are doing the chores-you're a good mom!

#5: bwahahahahahahaah

#6: Oh yea...the hurting in the morning... I'll send good vibes your way so that your parts and pieces are still working. :)

#7: regarding clinical trials-do you live near a major university with a medical school? They are doing lots of trials these days on many things. Check with them. Even if you live a few hours away, it might be worth checking...*fingers crossed*

#8: hugs to you and your boyfriend.

Roaring back with love!


jojo said...

Thank You Deborah, yes my child would be an insult to a disabled child. I saw an m.r. adult today with better manners than my child seems to possess.

My parts and pieces are okay as of today, the liver, kidney and heart tests are fine, now we check my thyroid and something else to see why I am swelling so badly.
Thank you for the good vibes. I'll take it anyway them any way I can get them.

You are so sweet and kind and I always love your comments because you know so much! I like learning from people, it's one thing I adore about the blog world.

I have found the email to the
doctorate student running the wisconsin project Montel got ahold of. I am not sure I can adequately express my wants and needs due to this damn disease. I have enlisted help, but I know I'd be an ideal candidate and I'd hitch hike there if I had to!

Hugs back and thanks! JoJo

Sandra said...

Oh stop the flirting would ya!...teehee...at least you aren't even aware that you're this highly sexual flirtatious being. I know exactly what I'm doing when I'm doing it (unfortunately I'm not good at it so I just appear awkward).
As for your boy crying while doing the dishes, ya, I got one of those too. Don't ya just feel like taking the dishcloth and smacking him in the butt with it?

jojo said...

oh Sandra, I wanted to smack something awful fierce, I had to leave the room. Kids, love 'em, but is there mission in life to drive me batty? I am all ready grey....