Friday, November 12, 2010

on a happy note...

Last week at church, a small section of time was taken out to call out good things or blessings that had happened the week before. So, with all the drama going on in my life I am challenging myself to dig deep and find the happy spots. So here goes...

This last week...
-I laughed every day

-talked with my best friend from high school and really laughed loudly

-saved over $150.00 at Macy's

-got to go shopping just for me

-got my daughter to agree to a youth retreat this weekend

-met an extremely kind person in a position of authority who gave me his cell number for times of need

-was given props for doing everything I can to help my child

-had a fellow blogger speak of the hateful annonymous blog stalkers in a blog

-have been given all kinds of support left and right

-my lil' wild man has brought home 3 out of 4 reports on his daily school work.

So, despite the trying times I am living in right now, there is always a yin to that yang. It is so easy to get absorbed in the bad and hard that one can forget the good things happening. I may not jump up and yell out any of this, but I have stopped and reflected and life isn't all bad. It will get better and one can find joy if they look hard enough.


King of New York Hacks said...

Truth right here...Sometimes we have to step back to see that yang for the yin, but that moment makes us move forward. Cool blog.

Rhonda said...

Such a beautiful picture! So glad you had such a great week!

jojo said...

Thank You Rhonda! I wouldn't call it a great week, but it wasn't all bad! :)

jojo said...

Nice to meetcha' king o' truth is sometimes so hard to find, isn't it?