Thursday, December 2, 2010

I think I can, I think I can

The montel network, the Wisconsin project.

I have been sharing this amazing study going on everywhere. If you'll watch you'll see that the brain stem is being stimulated directly and giving wonderful results.
So, being the proactive person I am I called the university and hunted down the department doing the studies.

Get this my friends, I AM IN THE DATABASE! This doesn't mean I have a definate yes, but I am closer than I was two days ago. I have sworn to everyone, I will hitch hike and stay in a homeless shelter if I had to, to be able to have this opportunity.

I am hoping and praying I get this chance, what else can I do? I sent an email and finally got ahold of the right people, I swear this doctor feels like god holding the key to redemption for me! I can't even imagine the results if I can have this happen. Brain fog gone? Improved fine motor control? Increased ability to express myself? I will not get too excited now as I know I can not determine if the study will take me, but I can hope, right?

Anyway, pray for me and send good vibes, cyber hugs, the works I need them!


Sandra said...

OMG you're too smart for me! Those are some big words: brain stem being stimulated...fine motor control...databases!
Good luck though, I hope you get this...and then you can teach us exactly what we need to know about brain function other than it makes you think.

jojo said...

now I know you are being sweet! ;)