Thursday, November 11, 2010

Retail Therapy

Anyone who can and has read my recent posts knows that I have been dealing with a lot! I received a gift card from Macy's in October for my birthday and have been waiting for a sale. So, today came Veteran's day and I had all ready perused the website and found one tunic I just loved the look of, found it immediately and dug through the additional clearance section. I will apologize for the hat, bad hair day, but it does add a Lil' something in a couple of the pictures. Any one who knows me knows I love hats. I normally wear them for fun, but falling asleep in a head band did ugly thing to my head so...... I hope you enjoyed my Macy's day parade! (giggle)


Sandra said...

I love retail therapy! My favourite on you is the mustard coloured tunic! You look fantastic!

jojo said...

Thank you, it was my favorite and my best deal too! I think I paid 15$ for what was once 90$! It's amazing how good clothing help the body. It also feels wonderful!