Sunday, January 24, 2010

The year of change

I have realized in the recent events and happenings that this is a year of change. Change, such a powerful word. Some people hate it, can not deal with it, absolutely melt down at the thought of it.

Some people crave change, need change, change is a necessity in their lives. Often change slams us in the noggin like a big fat snowball. Like a teenager suddenly living in your house. She was a nice sweet child and now I feel like I need the beep machine in my house.

Change, change, change.... I hope I can weather this year with the minimum of damage. I know that the changes I have allready endured have taken me out of a bad relationship, but placed me in a bad neighborhood. Yin/yang perhaps? One can only hope.

My recent sudden change of personality (temporary) seems to have led the neighborhood to believe I should be left alone, maybe not so bad of a thing.I certainly regret the incident, but I know that it also signifies a change in me. I believe I have said in many ways..." no I am not going to take that injustice."

I know the change has left me much more tired, but I am trying to spend valuable time with the family and keep up with the work load. It's almost impossible. I am giving it a valient effort and there has been no day that I have done nothing. On that note, I am dragging my weary bottom off to bed. Tomorrow will be a change from today. I believe I will just accept life's changes and look for the silver lining!

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Blasé said...

I don't think you should be "left alone". No-sir-ree!