Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I've created a monster

No, not talking about the ones I produced, but myself. I am completely addicted to my farm, zoo and mafia on facebook. The funny part is my daughter tells me "face book is for old people mom." Yep, 36 and completely over the

Funny I don't feel much different than I was at 17 except for my screaming back and knees telling me that this concrete floor blows big ugly painful bubbles.

I still love good music, I still feel a good bass rythym that makes me shake and wiggle. I still love my true blue high school friends and wish the joy with only a little envy for those who found love, the real, real deal!

I still have the adventurous spirit that made me the one that my friends always took when it came to concerts. They knew I would wander up and find a party anywhere and just a smile would get us in.

Okay, that part has been a little dormant, but I guess I have found my way in on the internet by a smile and true nice comments. Well and moving across the country for a relationship would still fall under that umbrella I guess.

Now, my focus is putting this little family back together and making sure that all and one understand, I am the boss. Good days, slow days and even bad days I AM THE BOSS! I know this will be no easy task, but that's okay. I am up for it. You may find me shaking and begging god for help at bedtimes, but it will happen!

So, I'm a farmer, zoo keeper and mafiaboss on facebook, but right now I am gathering the tools to be boss of this family, and trust me sometimes a mugging or illegal job would be easier, but this is what I have to work with and my love and skills will do it!


Blasé said...

Be strong and firm!

SM said...

good luck!! :)

jojo said...

thank you both... it will happen. In way I am lucky everything changed at once.... other people have had changes, but nothing changed in their homes..odd man out sux, but we are gonna make it. If the asswipe's mother didn't break me nothing will!