Monday, February 1, 2010

definate changes

Yesterday, for three hours my two boys cleaned together, cooperatively no screaming, no yelling and no fighting while they washed almost all the dishes! They finally came to the agreement that if they helped with house hold duties I would spend extra time with them and maybe a treat or two.

Empathy is not possible at the ages they are at, any of them. Direct reward of momma love time and momma being able to cook because she's not exhausted is understood.I am simply amazed and I know it will not be every day, but the older two remember that we used to not go places unless the house was picked up.This works!

I am the touchstone and really, we have all been scattered since the move. We did find the real wii mote, so everyone is happy as the other we bought didn't work in the guitar which means no guitar hero....oh no! Right now she and two friends and the two boys are all playing without cursing or fighting....God I love and treasure these minutes. I feel like I need to write this down so as to remember when we all love each other and get along. I recently forced my daughter to take pictures of me as she has the gift and I have some pretty amazing pics.

I may post one or two, but we'll see. I'd like to end it on the note that my psychiatrist's thoughts on the fight was..."don't quote me, but it sounds like she was asking for it....!" Too funny, so yeah this may be a year of change, but sometimes change is good and today, this minute, in this space of time we are all happy. I am in the moment and it is good! Hoping you can find one moment and be as happy as I feel right now!


Blasé said...

Oh, I'm with you about that "happy" moment.

Show me the pics!!!

Tara R. said...

I like your psychiatrist.

I feel the same when my two kids get along for more than five minutes and I don't have to threaten to knock their heads together.

I'd like to see your new pix too.

Anonymous said...

This is your sister.
I can't comment on your other blog, so I'm leaving my comment here. I don't think the issue with the guy is the MS. I think you might be coming on a little too strong. Telling some guy you just started talking to that that he is your valentine tends to run him off. And if it didn't freak him out, he might not be normal and you wouldn't want him anyway. Pace yourself Girl and calm down! It's kind of obvious that you haven't dated in a normal way in quite some time.
Also, let me know if you got your package yet. It's been in the mail for over a week now and I would have thought you would have gotten it.

jojo said...

I asked him if he wanted to be my valentine. I am easily ammused and thanks to our mother love all holidays. I have talked to quite a few people since and most agreed that tripping out over a harmless gesture was weird so it took someone who took himself and things much too seriously out of my life and that is a good thing.