Friday, January 8, 2010

dippin' my toes back in

My family is going to completely freak over this, so I say stop reading now! I have heard your told ya' so's and I know I am half at fault for being in Boise Idaho when everyone else is in Virginia....

Okay, that being said I have decided to see what kind of men Boise has to offer me. Most read the m.s. bit and disapear, surprise, surprise. Then there is the group that does not want in any shape and or form to father some one else's children. I am trying not to see this a two strikes against me, but rather weeding out the weak. I am a package deal and that includes kids and the medical facet of my life, which is just that a facet, not all of me.

I have one tentative date with a Turkish man who is in an educational field. His name is really hard to say, but my attempts have made me giggle anyway. Of, course the saying still goes that the best men are married, gay, (love you Matthew) or since the invention of the internetz unbelievably far away. I guess if it were easy I would have to really suspect the truth and integrity of the situation.

There is the saying the best things in life are free. I have made head ways with my children and we are not having near the battle at bed time that we were. I think they are starting to realize Mom's not kidding.

My next big task is to find a baby sitter. I need adult time and they are just going to have to accept that fact. No, I am not trailer trash chomping at the bit to drag a new daddy up in our home, but I need to have adult time to be just that an adult. That includes hanging out with my new friend Raven and so forth. So, there I am dipping my toes into the water. I will meet and greet, possibly go ahead and give up, but I think I should get kudo's for trying. I know it's soon, but if you read any of my last posts this mistake was recognized as that over a year ago, I was just stubborn and scared to be alone again.

Well two months later, I'm not scared anymore, I am okay with all of my life and there is plenty of counseling available to help iron out the rest. Its not as if I am in the 14th century in a period of mourning. I am free of a bad mistake and should want to celebrate and move on. If the m.s and children scare of all the weak and there are no strong, I am okay with that too! I am JoJo, and not just JoJo, The JoJo who is standing strong and knows to ask for help. So, wish me luck or at least understand that this is something I need to do!


Blasé said...

Toes in the water is a great start!

Bad Momma said...

Good luck... and be careful!

An alternative to the "Dating Pool" is to find an activity such as a Book Club, Civic Group or Class (either college or for fun.) This way, not only will you meet new people but enrich your life. You are very brave to put yourself back into the dating pool.

Watch out for the sharks!

jojo said...

yes, caution is a part of this and I have all ready shoo'd off a few sharks just lookin' for booty calls. I deserve more than that. If I just make a friend my life will be richer than before!

Anonymous said...

Good Advice, Bad Mama!

Your family groans only because the answer is YET another man, rather than adult time that does not require a relationship/marriage.

jojo said...

missed the make a friend and my life will be richer part did ya'?