Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today a team of powerhouses came in and packed my garage and everything except our food and our piecemeal dishes. I have bruises from head to toes, but I have faith in the common goodness.

These people didn't know me from adam, but they came dug through dust and mold and dirt and didn't complain. How do you thank genuinely nice people? What can I say? I am indebted to you for life?

One of my best friends says I am just getting back my just desserts. I put in 15 some odd years working with the disabled and elderly. I treated my clients with respect and did what they needed to go home.

So, has life been hard lately, OH YES!

Do I feel permanently traumatized? Not at all.

I feel strong and triumphant.

A little lonely perhaps, but that too will pass.

I hope from me others will see, even at the lowest point it could be worse.

You may also find the superwoman/man hiding inside!


Pandora Wilde said...

Incredible!! But nearly every culture has a way of saying that when there is need, the Universe finds a way to meet it. And whoever said you're getting what you have coming to you is 100% right--and good for you! I won't say "good luck" because it's not luck, it's just what you deserve.

Hugs and energy,

jojo said...

Thank you my dear, it does feel strange to be on the getting end when you have always been the giver. I know this move will free me and I am confident 2010 is going to be MY YEAR! I look and feel beautiful and don't care if anyone agrees. I love me and that really is the most important, no?

Tara R. said...

That is awesome! Karma comes back as good deeds too.