Monday, December 14, 2009

To my children (written about 6 years ago)

To my children,
I hope you understand how much your mommy always loved you. Wannabe was the bright shinning apple of my eye, always brave, always looking for a new friend or adventure.

Lil' gentleman my special sensitive son. I love you so very much never a day went by when you didn't amaze me by making some great cosmic connection. You my son, are a child of the universe.

Wildman, named after Davey Allison, my father, Robert Yates and Robert Allison. You were the happiest baby I have ever met . Never a situation you couldn't laugh at. Silly as silly can be. Strife never affected you because there was always something silly about it.

My babies, I love you. I hope adversity will never take these perfect gifts from you. Wannabe never forget you are beautiful and lil' gentleman you can fix it. Wildman never be afraid to laugh.



jojo said...

well it meant something to me, wannabe just rolled her eyes......:(

Pandora Wilde said...

It meant something to wannabe too, it's just not cool to show it.