Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some one sat on my head!!!!!!

I realize it may seem like I am blogging like a mad woman, but blogging is forcing me to stop, rest and think about other things than my upcoming move.

So.... the sat on my head story. My last day at the hospital I was finally sleeping like a babe. Medication, breakfast, who cares I pulled my blankey up high and ignored everyone. UNTIL....

SQUASH! I don't know if I cried out, moaned or what, but I was awake then. A poor lost soul had plopped her large rump on head. She said something about " is this room..." which I replied NO!

My roommate wandered in and I told her with a cross between annoyed and confused look on my face "someone just sat on my head." She sought help and in came the nurse. I started to tell her and by this time it was becoming funny.

I described the event and commented I didn't know if I smelled breakfast or some one's nether region.(fish) The nurse began to laugh, full large belly laughs until she had to hold herself up on the wall.

It was at that moment I decided it was time for me to go home. The higher powers gave me an angel to grasp and keep for security. The hospital gave me a uncomfortable good morning via the "head sitting woman" so out the door I went.

The only life lesson I found in this is thank God I sleep on my side and laughter truly is the best medicine. So please find it in yourself to laugh, giggle or snicker because it just don't come any funnier!

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