Saturday, December 5, 2009

A poem written for Across in '07

Tomorrow the girls will set out on a mission
In some places it's even a tradition

Bags ready they will go, off tho camp happily
what an adventure it will be

The sun kissed look, gold in the hair, what better a place than
to get it there?

The Boyz will have us to them
I know they will be jolly lil' men

The wonder I have watched unfold before my eyes, as we have become as one and wise

A family which has become new and happy.
Some times it tears at the heart even when we were being wacky.

The night which will be last, we are going to stay awake and hold fast

The beautiful thing that has become us,
even when there is a wee bit o' fighting or fuss

The capacity to love in me has blossomed
as I now have pairs of boyz and girls that are awesome

Cry we will when a part of us leaves,
nothing can replace the hole in our heart that bleeds.

In two years she has decided she will come and we will be the cornerstone of her life,
holding on while we can until the discovery of herself begins to cause strife

Loving and letting go are such and oxymoron
We hope we can keep a large bit just to hold on.

The cycle of life moves ever on,
wasn't it just yesterday I was putting diapers on?

A change it will be,
I can only hope my babies will stay as close as they can to me.

love conquers all, so they say
It must be the truth or so I pray

Always a theme in life,
so beautiful and capable of such strife.

The love of a new mom will bring her coming home,
especially when she gets her urge to roam.

Across, no matter what happens I will always love you as my daughter!

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