Friday, December 4, 2009

And the god's smiled

Tonight, by no design all of my children are spending the night elsewhere. Yipee! No, no big party planned, but after I muck through more papers I just may be able to take a bath with a candle lit and walk around nekkid. *windows and blinds closed, of course!*

The cat's and I have the whole big mess of a house to ourselves! I so needed some time to myself as I am doing so much every day. Perhaps me and that bottle of vanilla irish creme will get cozy? Who know's could be a story there!

My friend Graham may have London, but I have a night alone with all the chickens accounted for! ( big mischevious smile ) ;-)!!!!!


Tara R. said...

Oh the joys of some significant 'me' time. Enjoy!

jojo said...

It was surreal. I did take that bath with candles and put on a nightie just for me!