Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Every day's an adventure

Today I went and fetched a child from our old neighborhood, yes last week makes it our old neighborhood. I did so knowing somehow, someway somebody gets hurt. It snowed days ago. there is no snow the snow is now sludge/ice.

So friend being the injury genius he is, decided to throw snow balls. Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. And as always, some one got hurt. Wildman came home with a bloody nose and a busted lip. The child rarely feels pain, so he is more interested in if he's swelling than the actual injury.

Short of banging my head in our new concrete walls, I know not what to do. I agreed to let him come play, but I knew that he winds up lil' gentleman and someone always gets hurt. I swear the kid should wear a sign that says "approach with caution!"

I also fed him for about 6 months, but that concerns me not! He is friends with wannabe, same age and all that but, has no issue at all playing rough and hard with kids oh 5-6 years younger. I believe there is a bit of adhd going on, but my job is to figure out how to let him play here safely.

On kids note, I am going to ramble off as yesterday I was awoken to the noise of kids in house. Not cool. Even un-cooler some kid had broken a toy in half and another child had written F you with scribbles on the side of my recliner. Thank God it was washable, but I involved the parent attached to destructo- kid. I never heard back, but mine are on notice.... If I find a child in my house before I am up and moving there will be serious repercusions!

So, there a mom blog with danger.... shudder eh?


Tara R. said...

Destructo-kid got off lucky sounds like. Gotta lay down some ground rules. Good for you!

jojo said...

lol you have no idea, we are all so sick of one another right now it's painful!