Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are you for real?

For those who don't know my background I put 20 years into Occupational Therapy, the art of making others lives better and more in dependant. Some of my work was hands on. If a person was recovering from a stroke, limbs needed range of motion, stimulation and whole body training to help the two sides of the brain re-connect. I was quite good at my job and of course I miss it.

Every now and again I run into people claiming to be providing similar services such as myofascial release.This involves deep tissue and the muscles coating to be worked in such a manner as to let knots and areas of stress release.

And then there is this..... please be warned what you just saw may burned your eyes or caused stomach discomfort or just a general case of the hee bee gee bees. This person claims to be able to transform your life. Hmmmmmm, so what do you think?

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jojo said...

Sorry, this was an inside joke. Just something I promised someone I would do so feel free to ignore this post and carry on! ;-)!