Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting ready for take off

I decided that I would go ahead and go to the appointment with the specialist in Seattle, WA. My flight is scheduled and I have reservations at a hotel room nearby. I am starting to get a little bit excited.I do not have increadibly high hopes as to the outcome of my refferal, but I hope to enjoy Seattle while I am there.

I am not new to exploring alone. While finishing college, I amtracked from Virginia to Minnesota to do a three month clinical in a large state run mental hospital. It was more than a little bit crazy, no pun intended. What I learned from the experience was that trying new things, albiet scary made some of the most wonderful experiences of that period in my life. I learned the bus routes and took the bus into Minneapolis where I used the sky walks to explore the posh shopping and cultural areas of Downtown. I went to the library and shopped in exclusive locales. It was wonderful!

So in that frame of mind I will be setting off for Seattle. I will be ariving early in the morning and I can not check into my motel until afternoon so I have the morning to explore. Getting there early, I am not so sure what I will find open, but I am sure I will be hungry. I am not much of a cofee drinker; however, I have become enamored with hot tea as of late. I expect to visit atleast one if not two of the notorious coffee shops.

While there, even though my budget will be tight I will be looking for things Seattle unique. We can get Seattle chocolates and coffee here, but I am sure there will be something unique that I can find. I also have the benefit of mother's day! These kids always seem to know just what I want heeheee.I may try to find a library or book shop as I will be exploring on foot and will need to pace myself.

I am thinking I should probably eat some local seafood while I am there as well. I hope to be able to return before the year is out as my in-laws have a condo there. I hear it is a truely unique experience and I would like to do it with a bit more leisure and have the rest of the family along as well.

So, there it is. I am officially excited to go to Seattle. I want to drink tea and coffee, lounge in bookshops. Explore and shop, perhaps I'll even manage to squeeze in an appointment with a doctor.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge about my upcoming trip, please leave a comment. I hope to have pictures, hopefully passable and some stories to tell!


Tara R. said...

I hope you have a safe and easy trip. Fingers crossed for some good news from the specialist.

Ian said...

I hope your trip goes well and you get some positive news.

Bad Momma said...

Hope all goes well! My SIL always brings us the best salted caramels from Seattle (Fran's).

I'll be thinking of you and praying for good news.