Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They went and named it

Are your children couch potatoes? Do they spend many hours in the home? Do they break into a panic when confronted with bugs? Perhaps they are suffering from Nature Deprivation Disorder!

Apparently children are becoming so fat, apathetic and technology addicted that the overwhelming desire to stay in the house has become a neurosis. Treatment for such a disorder requires the parent to kick their little (maybe) butts out of the house atleast once a day!

In our house we call it, " go outside NOW!" The kids moan then go outside. Why the other day I watched my youngest pilot his skateboard across the driveway with a pole. Why has screwing off outside become so rare that they had to go and name it?

Recently our town had an "outside day" to warn children about the dangers of NDD. It was held in the park in 30 degrees and rain. I'm willing to bet those kids wanted to go inside.


Tara R. said...

Timing is everything.

If it weren't for my son's skateboard, it would be difficult for me to get him outside too.

Ian said...

It's great when we all go out on our bikes, they enjoy that. Too often our's are only too happy to be stuck to a computer screen or a DS or nose down in a book. They enjoy it when they play in the garden, but it seems an ordeal getting them out there to start with.