Thursday, March 12, 2009

Star sighting

Today was grocery day. I started at an open air market and filled up on fresh fruit. From there was a meat shop, which is very much a butcher shop from years past. I then went to Fred Myers which is a discount store that is slightly more upscale than Wal-mart.

Going solo generally means I get better, more nutrional foods and I am not so tempted to buy junk. I almost managed to bring enough re-usable shopping bags and picked some onions starters to boot.

All in all, not so exciting. As I was leaving I almost ran over Mandi and Aubrey from Biggest Looser. I suppose I could have introduced myself, wished them good luck or just said "hello." I did manage an "excuse me" before going on my way. I don't consider myself a rude person or even anti-social, but I kinda think in the grocery store is off limits. I once shopped beside Jeff Burton and waited in a pharmacy with his brother Ward.

Nascar drivers depend upon their popularity to sell things. Reality show participants are usually trying to win something. In the case of Biggest Looser are making life changing habits by getting access to people and things that we as general public are not privy too.There's also that 50,000 dollar prize to consider.

While talking to my BigSis tonight, some of the same questions crossed both of our minds. " So, what was in their cart" she asked. I was leaving as they were coming so, I didn't see. What did they look like? "Well, a lot better with clothing on" was my reply.

At what point does interest become obnoxious. I am pretty sure that no one would care what was in my basket, but I wondered what they would buy. They both appeared to have the deer caught in the headlight look. I can only guess comes from people assuming that because they have seen you on T.V. entitles them to feel like a friend.

I can only guess it must suck to have strangers watch the progress of a diet. Loosing weight is hard enough without an audience. So today, I recognized two contestants from The Biggest Looser, and then recognized their right to perform mundane everyday tasks without being harassed.


Trish said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - and I was SO glad to find you again! Since cre8buzz died, I've lost touch with some that I wish I hadn't - and you were one of those!
Now that I've found you - hope we can keep in touch!

Mrs4444 said...

They probably appreciated it. I think I would. I haven't seen too many famous folks, but if I did, I would probably leave them alone. Open air market sounds NICE about now; our high today was 42 degrees.