Monday, March 9, 2009


Having just entered the blogging world, I am finding myself with so little to say. What I am finding is a new world of entertainment. In light of that, I have to say one of my new favorites is found here " had no idea the world of cake decoration was so funny. The author, Jill has an amazing sense of humour and keeps you coming back for more.

My friend Graham, , issued a photographic challenge. It is an photographic autobiography of 10 things about you. It makes me wish I had the gift of the shutter bug. Please visit his blog to to see all the details.

In my wandering, I have found a most entertaining eatery- Hospitalis. Hospitalis is a restaurant where one can eat in a dentist chair and use surgical tools to dine with. The waitresses dress in faux nurses uniforms and "crazy" food can be ordered such as a serving of brains with a left or right eyeball. Perhaps the next time I am in Lativia, I will drop by!

Oh, I am having a bit of trouble making the links work, so cakewrecks and Graham's blog "one man's travel" are in my blog list! I hope you enjoy and find entertainment as well!

Er, links now added!;)


Tara R. said...

I don't think I would find dentistry very appetizing. *shudder* Then I guess it would depend heavily on what was for dinner.

Unknown said...

Awwwww I am sure your photos will be great. You are not escaping from this challenge...mwahahaha! ;)

I spent countless times in hospital during my childhood (between the ages of 0 - 15), and became very accustomed to eating hospital food like mince and mashed potato followed by jelly and ice-cream. I can't imagine wanting to go some restaurant that reminds me of those!

Hope you are okay and I eagerly await your photos (I'm not gonna!).

Thanks for the mention too! I really appreciate it x