Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Breeze

Today and yesterday have been unbelievably beautiful. I have decided I have found my perfect temperature, 59 degrees Fahrenheit in a relatively dry humidity. It is just the best sweater weather. Slightly chilly toes and a warm sweater, and I am comfortable.

It feels like I have walked into a different world. We have been suffering from a gloomy cloud inversion since the holidays. Old man winter has had a grip on my mind and soul.

I am attempting to plan my garden. Growing things in the desert will be a new experience. I grew really big weeds amongst the beautiful flowers that were all ready here. I enjoy growing herbs ,so I am thinking of using them as a ground cover option. I have had mint choke out a garden, so I will probably leave that out of my plans. I would love some input on that subject if you have any!

Apparently berries grow well here and I have considered trying a blackberry bush in a pot. I am looking into thorn less varieties. I am not sure I have ever seen berries grow if not in the ground. I have been told I can find some asparagus grown wild and ready for picking soon. Apparently one can glean safely and successfully here as well.

Personally, my experiences have been that if you are wandering into some one's harvest you best be prepared to run or duck quickly. :)

So, spring breezes are blowing through my house and mind. It feels right, somehow permissible to think of fragile new beginnings. The sun is shining and the outside world seems alive and seductive. The sun kisses my face, the earth swells beneath me as preparing to send forth it's seed! I am ready to journey and grow! I pray this sensation continues and hope for continued blessings to my life and yours!


Tara R. said...

I've been prepping my garden planters too. My son and I are putting in a salsa garden... tomatoes, peppers, onion, cilantro... I can't wait! I'm really looking forward to spring too.

Bad Momma said...

59 degrees! I'd be dancing in the streets! I can't wait until I can start my garden. Unfortunately we have a few weeks. It's in the 30's here.