Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pulling out my hair (weekly whine session)

No, literally. My hair is falling out. Falling out in handfuls! I am not so sure why and well it's really freaking me out. It all started..... about three weeks ago and now every time I bathe my shower drain looks like I have sacrificed a small hairy animal. At the rate this is happening, I may be bald by next week. I see my doctor today, so hopefully she will have some insight.

I keep feeling my head and wondering if I have a pretty head. Am I going to look like *gasp* Britany Spears or just your run of the mill chemo-patient? As I pick out hair from my bra, my food and anything else nearby, I can see why someone would just pick up the clippers and go for it. The thought has crossed my mind a time or two.

Apparently I am not the only woman this has happened to and in my research I found atleast 50 "institutions" targeting women loosing their hair. Yes, we are vain creatures. We can gain weight and still convince ourselves we look good, but take our hair??? I think not!

So, hopefully before the day is out I will have some idea why I am loosing all my hair. I loved hat's before, but they just do not look right without hair. Ah well, that's my weekly whine session. This is the internet, after all. I will pretend that some people really care, but know that any complaint or scenario worse than theirs gives a small delight. Wow, that sounded mean! Maybe I should have just complained about how much I hurt? Nah, I can do that anyday!


Bad Momma said...

You need a 4th category: not so cool!

My bouts of hair-loss (when I wasn't pulling it out myself) have most likely been hormone-related.

I lost quite a bit of hair after each of my boys were born. I am now leaving bits of hair all around the house now that I am going through "The Change".

Sounds like your hair-loss is much more substantial. Hope your doctor can pin-point the cause. I also hope there is a simple, fixable solution for you and this can be reversed.

Thankfully, you look good in hats!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Whenever I wash my hair, I have fistfuls come out. I blame mine on thyroid issues. I'm researching henna tattoos for my bald pate. I think hats would be a better solution though.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm over from Bad Momma's blog. I hope your doctor lets you know what's going on and you feel better about this very soon! Stop by my blog and say hello any time! (:

jojo said...

Thank You Badmomma! You are right this is so not cool! My doc thinks that my prior use of Depakote is the cause and it will eventually stop. She also gave me a really sympathetic look.

Yes, ifmomsaysok, I am thinking about my thyroid too. If my doctor hadn't had some explaination I would have gotten my levels checked, and still may! A henna tatto may have been a better idea than letting my hair dressser " go for it!" I now sport the " chemo-cut". Its a lovely man's cut with a combforward option to cover the spots of scalp that are visible. It's only hair right?

Thank you Debbie. I hope to be ok with this soon! As in all things I didn't appreciate the thick hair I had until it left. Please leave me a link and I will drop by!

Anonymous said...

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