Friday, August 6, 2010

WOW it has been that long....

I have taken yet another vacation from cyber-land and of course lots has happened, but do I tell all.....hmmmmm?

Well the Indian and I are still together. We have hit a stumbling stone or two, but we have fared well and still are committed to one another and forward progress.

My oldest Wannabe ended her school year by downing two bottles of pills and spending a couple of weeks in intensive therapy. We are still strugling. She is defiant, disruptive and downright belligerant at times. I know welcome to teen land, but this seems worse. I don't know if the medication is helping or worsening the situation, but she is not taking well to having some one around who remembers the punishments and helps enforcing. Trust me he doesn't walk on water, but she has spent so many years bulldozing right over me that she stays at odds at all times.

My middle child, the lil' gentleman continues to seem older than his years. He has become very close with an arabic boy and another friend from school.

My youngest, wild man, turned 9 today. Wow, how the years fly by. He was delighted with ample gifts as I hit the Jackpot at a grocery outlet.... authentic skateboard with real trucks and wheels for $20.00..... cha ching! Of course, It was the the last minute air pump missle that won the day and caused the fights and general birthday, "that's MINE" drama. For two dollahs, I guess I could have bought two ???

Anyhoo, that's here now and today. I am not taking any M.S. meds, but will go to my neuro and see if I am a candidate for the angioplasty that is changing lives.

So, yes I am alive still here with my abhorrent grammar, but that's me just jojo. I think I am back to cyber world, I took a long break. I always try to grasp some greater meaning, but all I can say is that I think that I felt so very violated that I decided to keep my two pennies in my pocket. Now, I am ready to let the change land where it may....... after all sticks and stones and all that happy crap!

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Tara R. said...

wow... sounds like you've had more than a handful going on. No wonder you've been MIA. I hope life is settling down some for all of you.

Good luck with getting approved for the angioplasty.