Monday, April 26, 2010

How's about that all that....

I have decided that I will not sink any lower to the annonymous people who have no couth and seem to be full of sour grapes. I love this man, he loves me, we are unbelievably happy so, enough said. I win. I am so sorry to my regular friends, bloggers. I hope you didn't have to read all that garbage.

I did want to tell about the surgery that he required after his elbow required the penning. The surgery went well, but my loving Indian came home and scared me senseless. As the anasthesia wore off he spiked one hell of a temperature. He shook, he talked incohereantly and I cradled him to my chest and I rocked him. I called the doctor several times terrified that we needed to go back.

It was touch and go, but the fever broke and I thanked God, as I have thanked him for bringing him to me. My life is still better and happier, when my beautiful man is healthy he will go back to work. It's coming soon, he will be right back at the top of his game.

It is amazing how negative people have nothing better to do than spout hatred, and anger. The only way to win is to be happy.

On an even happier note my sister will be having her baby tommorow. Prayers, blessings goood karma, appreciated as Ella is coming at the same risks her sister Hannah emerged with last year! Spring flowers, new love and new babies, what could be better.

Blessings to my friends may happiness abound as it has here!

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