Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should I be worried when over the top stress seems normal? Random post with serious crap in it.

This week I talked to my sister whom I am closest with and the conversation did not go well. Apparently my last mistakes in "luv" have given her a pre-determined idea that I am going to keep screwing it up. I very rarely respond harshly, but some times it does feel like projected anger.

I know it's annoying to hear someone wax on about their love life, I am in a whole different ballpark now. We do not fight at all, not do we irritate one another all that much. I love my boyfriend and I love my sister, so I guess I will have to try to avoid those topics until they meet in person.

On a different note, my father has accepted a position as a pastor in Lumberton N.C. just miles from where he grew up. I know he has been wanting to go this route and head home for probably the last eight years. The Indian and I have talked about that as a potential return to east coast sorta state. Nags head or the outer banks area just call to me and he wants to be near water as he loves to fish.

Again to another topic, wannabe, is in the hospital again. She may not get out as soon as she likes, but I am hoping that she is starting to get involved and understand her own actions and responsibilities that necessitated the visit. I think she has made it from denial and anger to bargaining and maybe depression. the last time she was sent home in full denial and it was everyone else's fault. I am bummed that she is missing the start of school which starts tomorrow. I may try to meet with the teachers and see if she needed the freakin 7 3 ring binders??

And yet, another frightening topic, my sisters youngest 3 months ( yes she got pregnant right as soon as popping her oldest out) was in her bouncer on a high counter, un-strapped and she took a head dive to the floor. The X-rays were fine, her examination was fine, but a cat scan showed what we think is an absence of corpus callosum. For those who have no idea its the black, empty kinda looking area close to the bottom of the brain. They are supposed to be getting her to a peditric neuro as soon as possible. I know from experience is often a hurry up and wait kinda deal.

Any prayers, good karma, mojo, or just kind thoughts would be appreciated.

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