Monday, September 13, 2010

And life carries on...

I have felt that this year is the year of change pretty much from go. Relationships seem to be folding like last weeks laundry or starting with the ignorance of those who still have the Brady Bunch encoded into our lil' brains. Hey some do work, right?

School is back in session and I see that I am going to have to buy a serious mack-daddy pencil sharpener and a wipe off pen as my youngest who hates homework leaves these things at school and I am not the paragon of organization, Oprah could do a show on me. I wouldn't expect gasps more like the oh my face. Dasperately seeking dressers is on of the main problems. I have none and the boys have one tiny one, the girl child changeling has one small that she just will not use. Nothing like spending a couple hundred on her to see it all in the floor two days later.

I am seeing e-buddies come into their own, my friend Graham of One man's travel's, just got asked to shoot a spread for a magazing, you go Graham!I will add a link, but I am just being a bit lazy at the moment.

My daughter and boyfriend are still oil and water. She screams and cusses and makes a fool of herself. He does well most of the time. Putting myself in his shoes I would feel like bailing too. Yes, we are doing the obvious, counciling and therapy and anything else they throw my way.

I remain out of sorts. I think I am stressing myself into more relapse if even just mini one so... nothing all that new here.

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