Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And Karma smiles on me!

Perhaps the theme of the week, Karma.

Today I had my final court session from the incident that happened earlier this winter. My case was dismissed, no fines, court costs, nothing!

In the last few months, I had allowed children from that household to play freely around my house and somewhat with my kids. A few weeks ago, probably the sweetest child who had appologized for her mother several times fell from a tree within 5 feet of my back door. I responded quickly as any mother would and did the basic first aid/neuro check. The child did not want to move, she was complaining of back and arm pain. I was not about to move her. Her aunt then responded who called 911. The paramedics came through my home and I passed off my finding to them.

Her mother then showed and I had to move away as she has a no contact of 10 feet due to her causing the public disturbance. I let them pass through my home and even asked her if she needed a ride. They stopped by on the way home to let me know that she was fine.

A couple of days later I went to michaels, I love to find indoor entertainment as the heat and I are not friends. While there I picked up a grab bag of things and we dropped them off telling her she " could, but didn't have to share." I watched as she gleefully grabbed it and held it to her chest.

She and her next youngest brother came to wildmans birthday party where I had bought waterguns, velcro catch, badmitton raquets and shuttles (no nets) bubbles, football and a soft sided ball and bat. All intended to entertain everyone outside on a hot august day. And of course the air pump foam rocket that I was super glueing that night and was the issue of "mine!"

When sending cake home, I found out how special a gift you don't have to share really is. There are 9 count 'em 9 people living in that home together. The two sisters and their respective children. I suppose that would be an intelligent way to handle the shear child to parent ratio over load.

So, did I treat the little sweet girl and send cake hoping to help my court case? Of course not! The cake was a half sheet chocolate with fudge middle and whippy topping. With out a doubt this tasted divine and my hips did not need it to stay in the house and why not send home with whomever? I also sent some home to my prior step daughters home, and fed any one else around.

The situation that put me in court was way over the top. It was a misunderstanding followed up by a riot like situation. Unfortuately it did spill over to school as it is an area all were at, however; being as children are memories fade and sometimes just having a good time means more than some that happened over half a year ago.

This is the way I believe Karma truely works. Being a kind and decent person without selfish motives generally means kindness will find you. Today as it went from a good offer to completely dismissed I feel uplifted that kindness is not a thing to be forgotten or bandied about for your own good.

Again, I am just jojo and I may have some reasons to be upset this week, but overall I am kind sometimes to a fault and sometimes my generous spirit is repaid.

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