Sunday, August 8, 2010


I believe that some one is due a large helping of karma, served southern style. Meaning, of course, with a smile and a wink.

I am not going into details, but someone willfully sat out to sabotage our life as it is. I doubt they have enough foresight to realize that injury is mainly due to me and my children. Luckily, the things that matter most did not get affected.

I have my ideas, but I am not quite sure who the mastermind was, but I would think it was a perma-child who can not stop sucking at the teat and will forever be a fat kid who no one loved enough. The poor baby needs a momma to schedule his life and resents being drug out of intoxification nursing home style.

Does one ever get over being so obese that a bariatric nursing home was required, I don't think so. The epitome of gluttony and laziness. Life at the computer is so much more desirable when face to face is not a necessity. You can be anyone in your own delusional mind. And when life gets hard, well drugs always work too. Unless of course, one can live with their aging parents who provide all basic needs. Food, shelter, transportation including gas, cable t.v. and an internet. Gee George, sounds so good where can I sign up?

Karma is a swift, but quiet form of justice that I fully believe in. Being an independant adult alone who recognizes life as it is keeps me happy. I also believe the almost 15 years of providing for the truly needy in a job, but done to standards set only by myself which were so high my own health suffered. I am not perfect, but again I am just jojo and pretend to be no more and take no pride, just simple joy in daily victorys. That being said...... here's my smile and wink, enjoy your swift helping of Karma!

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