Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes, she lives

Just a quick note, I am undoubtedly the most inconsistent blogger ever, but I can say the break has been well spent. I have nursed my new boyfriend who I will call The Indian (as well his heritage is 75% Cherokee) through surgery and the start of Therapy.

I am absolutely completely in-love with this man. He returns the feelings and it is as if my world has become brighter, tastier, sweeter and just amazingly better. Who knew? I just know that I never thought this would happen. I feel like the luckiest woman on earth.

He definitely feels worse for wear, but returns my undying affection. In fact, I'd like him to say a few words, and he will cause he loves me.

I Darrell the INDIAN, son of many self taught, when I was not quite yet a man I knew what true love was.Some people are in relationship
because it becomes a pattern.

Patterns do not make sense to me in my life due to the stumbling blocks that have been thrown into my life. It challenged me so I, have challenged each intricate little detail back, if told "no" I became consumed with making it "yes." I pick and choose who throws their logs in my fire. JoJo has lit a flame under my fire that will burn for many years through her undying affection and love she has given so willingly.

So, my message to my friends, Brian, Ed, Mike is " I HAVE LOVE!" That love is what keeps me burning and wanting more for my new family. I would bet Vegas odds that I could never find love to bet against that I would find the most beautiful soul that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have thought I was in love before, but I now realize everything I am and will be is a accredit ted to the love I have for JoJo.

She allows me to be me and every day through Therapy I am getting more and more in touch with what is really important in life, I may have broken an elbow, but my heart the most vital part of me is so well taken care of by JoJo. I thought I knew how this whole life thing works, but life sometimes throws a curve ball and when you are down with a one two count bottom of the ninth the only one I want at bat for everything, my heart my health, my love, knowing one more strike would be detrimental to my team. when I turned over a splitter and send it over to left base mans head..... I realize I had other team mates and I was not the only one at bat. JoJo is the MVP of this team. My heart, my soul, and in time I will make her mine. The one and only Mrs. Abascal.For any of you who passed at this amazing opportunity I feel great remorse for. My love is never ending, my hearts live inside us, so without sounding sappy this is my way to say I love you.

You are my rock, my nurse, my provider, my reason to be,I am a better person just for meeting JoJo and especially since she has taken me for hers. Through every injury or procedure, nobody can take my heart and tell me this is not the woman of my life long dreams.

I hope everyone can find their JoJo.

Because everyone deserves to have the one they see as the most beautiful thing in their lives. I will sleep well tonight, knowing she is there and always will be. I hope to all my friends that they also find their JoJo because God only put one of her here and she's mine.

You can call me selfish, but if you were in my shoes..... then you would be as happy as I, and I truly wish that upon everyone, but not my Jo. Goodnight friends, happy in love the Indian.


Anonymous said...

Well hell, that explains it. They are both SCAMMERS. No wonder they are "PERFECT" for each other. She is scamming the system and he is scamming her. Actually they are both scamming the tax payers from Boise Idaho.

Her actually being high would explain what if any she sees in her "New Love Interest".

I would bet this dumbass (new love interest" is as much indian as is his trusworthy. NONE AT ALL.

Once a looser always a looser.

Good luck with your new found looser.

jojo said...

number one annonymous....Fuck off

number two....Fuck off m.s. is a real disease

number three.... fuck off you seem to know alot about scamming, turn about is fair play. none of you have balls to leave your name and sounds like sour grapes to me, go find your firefighters and start up some other bullshit.

Pandora Wilde said...

Hiya JoJo,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner--convention time and I didn't have my computer (or Net--the only hotel chain in the US that doesn't offer free WiFi is where I was) so I couldn't answer you.

If someone doesn't have the stones to sign their name, you have no obligation to let them run their mouths. It's your space, not theirs--if they have something to say, they can get their own damned blog. I'd suggest moderating comments--it will cut your spam down as well. If it makes you feel better, you can also delete this garbage so that it gets no more attention from you or anyone else.

And since I don't speak to people who don't have names, that's it from my corner of this comment list. Email me if you need a bigger hand than this JoJo and don't forget to smile--if you need help there I'll tell you about the guy who wanted to sign my boobs :)

Anonymous said...