Saturday, February 20, 2010

look at this

This is the injury that has brought m.n.l. into my life. A week and a half ago I got a note saying,"going into surgery call me." I then got another note saying, I am going back into surgery. I finally got to talk to him around midnight and he was quite post-op goofy. We have been corresponding for several months so after talking to him and realizing he had no help, I offered my help.

In return he is completely spoiling us acting as a practical short order cook and shining his sunny personality on us. Some may say and have,"what are you thinking?" I had actually prayed about doing this and really felt that I was being led in the right direction.I do concern myself first about my children, but we are helping each other. Being a single mom with significant M.S. is so very hard and I was starting to experience a pattern that led me to staying with family for a couple of years. I work, hard. I clean, pickup after everyone and in general try to act as if I was normal and within 6 weeks got the worst flu I had experienced in 4 years, since I
was holding down the fort alone. Doing the m.s. shuffle, work really hard, crash.

I think that God has presented a wonderful opportunity in my life and I am proud of being smart and brave enough to take it.I am chosing to ignore the annonymous nay sayer who some how showed up in my blog and now focus on us, all of us. My children get the love they need, I get the help I need and m.n.l and I are slowly learning each other and deciding what is best for us.

But really, what good person would not want to help a friend in need like this. As it has been said.... a friend in need is a friend in deed.


Tara R. said...

Wow... that contraption gives me the heebie jeebies.

youknow, you both are consenting adults, you know better than anyone what will work best for you. I say go for it.

jojo said...

thank you Tara, I'll have to post a picture soon because it's the happiest I have looked in a long long time. And not just because of him. I got a free pass to re-start my life. I still hurt, but no blurry narcotic side effects. I am so, so happy!