Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hopeful good news

This week we visited MNL's new orthopedic and she let us know that the external fixator is not generally left on for more than a month, so in a couple of weeks or so hopefully it can come out. Everyone runs into it atleast once a day and he overuses it reguarly.

Good news is what we need right now because life remains stressful here. I got a call about an incident once again same group of kids that happened on the way home. I have let the school know that my children are being harassed unmercifully daily with a response of "it's not on school grounds, so its not our problem." Okay, my son actually said that to his teacher "hey, it wasn't on school grounds." I did get a phone call however. So they can not do anything until my kid does something. I really want to get these kids in a different school. I called today and asked what it's going to take to get my kids transferred. There is a bus that comes right by here everyday and back to their old school. I can't blame my child for being confused.

MNL continues to be so much help to me physically and emotionally and he is probably at the most disabled he has ever been. Its amazing when a person who really wants to work is around. Sure there is more that can get done, but everything in the house is brighter and everyone is happier. To hear his history one could think he might spend his days expecting the world to pay him back, but instead he is happy and out going and just down right pleased to be here with us.

I guess that is the best news, I have help. A generous loving man who helps because he wants to. He is not expecting pay back or when I am going to make up the balance, he just does it.I can only hope and pray the school situation will improve, but I have a feeling that is going to be a tall mountain to climb.

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Blasé said...

Sometimes things do have to get worse, before they get better. But it should eventually get better and resolved. Be cautious with calm with your plan of attack. And I wish you well and to be hopeful.