Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year!

I can not say it was the calmest new years day, but really is any day calm around here? I did feel some love which is one of my goals. My friend Graham let me know he has started telling his wonderful London story. Thank you Graham, your friendship is a true joy to me.

Nina and Judith saw in the new year by giving birth to a baby boy. This is Nina's second delivery, but the child was sprung from Judith's womb thanks to the marvels of modern medicine!

My friend of the heart Matthew im'd me today and let me know how much he loved my new pictures and well me! I was also issues the honorary Maid of honor if he and his man Gerard ever have a ceremony! Matthew and I lost each other for about 10 years, but he is such a friend that it was like no time had passed at all.

I found my favorite MSRC proponent Charlie Gee... otherwise known as Saltpye and he was so encouraging about the new research and if one had to chose being diagnosed, now is not that bad of a time! He also tells a charming story about going shopping for the very first time in a long and enjoy!

One of my favorite bloggers Kelley has recently become a commenter on my lil' ol' blog which thrills me as she never has less than like 50 comments on her own blog! She also had a tough 2009, so I have decided for both of us 2010 is just gonna RAWK!

My newest friend Raven came by for a visit and we have fast become heart friends. She is an amazing person and wow can this woman write check this out! While visiting she told me another book she has written is being published... real deal not just self publishing deal! Go, girl go!

What can I say other than I cherish all my friends near and far. I wish the ones across the "pond" weren't so far away because I am dying for a get together! I guess the internetz will have to suffice for now! Thank you all for the parts you play in my life and may my journey of additional love keep producing great peeps like I have introduced here!


Crazed Nitwit said...

Here's you to you having the best in 2010!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year! HUGS

Unknown said...

You are an amazing lady and a great friend! I truly hope 2010 is the bestest year for you!!!

jojo said...

Hugs back Crazed MOM!

jojo said...

Back atcha Graham, it's gonna be a great year and I know this because I have people like you two and all the others I mentioned in my life! HUGS