Sunday, December 27, 2009

May I introduce...

It is my privlidge to introduce you to my newest heart friend... Skylar. My girl!

We met while I was in the hospital and I have found a true friend of the heart. I know in life we are only allowed so many and I have held one close for 16 years. She will never be replaced, but unfortunately she is in the mountains of N.C. Skylar, my girlfriend is here.

You see her representing this group. She ref's for the roller girl derby here. Wannabe went today as fresh meat. She has many years to wait, but I watched her become interested when I wasn't looking. Next weekend, I am just gonna drop her off.

I have been blessed in so many ways, but finding a true friend of the heart is priceless. I plan on grabbing hold and not letting go any time soon! Everyone has there issues, but who cares. That is what makes us all unique. Those who think they do not are sadly deluded and are missing out on feeling life real and in large living color!

I've always said, it's not if you have baggage, it's how you deal with it. My baggage is being dealt with day by day and every day I aim to have at
least one moment where I am just that, truly in the moment.

There is a Yoga for M.S. class and a water exercise class that I plan on interesting myself in as soon as the kids go back to school. I need all the stress management tools available! I am still questioning why HELP is considered so negative when it's one of the smartest words and tools one can use!

Perhaps one day I will understand, or maybe an enlightened reader can help me grasp this catch 22 scenario? Either way, meet my girl Skylar who will be there when I cry help and vice/versa!

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