Sunday, December 20, 2009

And here we are !

Yesterday, I witnessed the most generous outpouring of human spirit. At least 10+ men showed up with trucks and trailers and safely moved my stuff in two hours. One woman came ahead and was setting up my kitchen.

Another group of kind people had taken my children as the day started poorly. They and the woman I met them through came over unpacked my kitchen and we rearranged until I have a functional living room! All because they were kind God loving people.

I will be still for a few days as I decided to take the curtain rod down in an interesting manner first thing, then fighting the battle with my Siamese we visited the sub-flooring in a quick sudden manner. Needless to say, I will look like I took a good beating in a couple of days! So, at any rate we are all here, no broken bones and my house is all ready live able! Yippee!


Tara R. said...

I am so glad you got the much needed help to move you into your new place.

You've earned a rest, despite what the Siamese thinks.

jojo said...

Yes, she was not so happy to move, but I had two purring furry lumps on me all night long. I think they feel the "it's all good vibes too!"

One hot epsom bath later, my body is screaming when do the kids go back?? lol!