Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just plain cranky

The Indian started what will be a full time well paying job and for the last two weeks has worked 2-10pm. I swear I feel like a single mother again. My obnoxious children have decided to yell at me when not openly being defiant.

We are all in counseling, and I am johnny on the spot most days. This last week being an exception as I had an UTI and spent the week in a semi-feverish daze. I am no means super mom, but damn I am trying and do not deserve the mouths I am getting.

I hope this is just another change time see what we can get away with dealy? Maybe I should start a talley board of who's doing what each day and at a certain number loose privildedges. Nah, no maybe just did it. I am going to skin this bird one way or another.

They know the rules, now it's time to make them understand I mean buisness. And I mean buisiness! Older parents any helpful hints?

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