Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When the mood strikes

I have been absent lately, with good reason of course. I am thinking of labeling myself as either an "as the mood strikes" or "when I'm ready to talk" blogger.

I will give my pitiful reasons well just because. I got a nasty kidney infection that was one of the worst I can remember and I am no newbie there. My husband then decided that he needed to scare me hysterical by having a grand mal seizure. It was a medication thing, but some idjit decided he also needed a boatload of strong narcotics. He couldn't handle them and turned into a mean sob.

I am starting to come to terms with the whole spinal cord full of goo issue. Apparently I have some form of the progressive type and almost every dr. looks at me with the unsaid words of "WTF- how is she walking." I think my body has decided Nah, just not gonna go down like that.

In my incessant need for some greater meaning, I think I have found that apparently my proficiency for hope was not what I thought it was. I am however; finding lil' pockets of hope emerging like the tiny lil' buds of 'maters and peppers in my garden.

I hope this isn't sounding like a poor me, because really it's an I think I'm gonna be allright.
Any way I've missed you all during my drama break, but I think I still got some stuff to say!


Ian said...

Hi Jojo,

It's understandable that you don't always feel like blogging. You must wonder what life will throw at you next.

Welcome back. If you keep saying stuff, we'll keep reading it (and if you're lucky you might even get comments - better than talking to yourself).

I hope you all have a better weekend.


Tara R. said...

Sorry for all the craptastic happenings. I hope your 'lil' pockets of hope' keep budding out more and more.

jojo said...

thank you both, I think I just got something in my eyes- your just the best.

Jean said...

You know...I do check this regularly to make sure you are still around. It's very hard for me to surreptiously check on you when you don't blog. I guess you'll have to call me instead. It would be nice to talk to my sister every now and then.

jojo said...