Saturday, March 28, 2009

To old friends

I keep trying to find a way to describe one of my oldest friends and not doing such a good job so I am just going to talk about why I always and still loved him.

Number one, he thinks I am beautiful and always did. We recently caught up for the first time in a decade and one of his statements was... " of course you are beautiful, I don't have ugly friends!" I have to say I agreed with him even if I have been telling myself you are still beautiful on the inside a lot lately.

Number two, he was never embarrassed to be around me when we were teenagers living in redneck central. I dressed like a hippie and he a GQ model, but we went where ever we wanted and always had a blast.

Number three, our fights were never all that serious. The only disagreement I can remember is the time we went to see Edward Scissorhands. He thought it was sad, I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever sat through.

Number four, he was the only person I ever got into trouble with for doing nothing. For some reason I do not remember I used to sneak out of my house so we could sit on the road and talk and goof off. We really were not doing anything wrong in all actuality he was quite a prude. I don't ever remember him drinking much less considering doing anything any more reckless.

Number five, We spent many, many hours in laughter. My minds eyes still goes back to a time when we decided to start tossing parts of dinner rolls out of a window which then landed on a window of a classmate driving behind us. Neither one of us could stop giggling long enough to apologize properly.

Number six, I always felt safe with Matthew. He drove me everywhere and took me to places I would have never visited without him. We drove to deserted parts of a rural county where if we had been stranded, could have possibly spent days without help. During all of our escapades I never once felt scared. I was with Matthew, nothing bad would happen.

Number seven, I felt the loss of his friendship for the years we were estranged more than any person I know. He recently said to me " I love you and will always be family to me." I couldn't have said it any better. He was a friend and constant companion during some of the most tumultuous hormone ridden years of my life and will always have a special place in my heart.

So, even though the chances are good you will never read this, I just want to say that I am so glad we found each other again and I hope I never loose you! In my minds eyes we are young, dumb and happy forever!


Kathleen said...

This is so gorgeous i very nearly cried...and i do not do crying...unless it involves children of course

What a great friend, what a fabulous memory of a truly special time in your life...please take it from someone who just lost a not let him go again....keep in touch

Crazed Nitwit said...

JOJO!!!! How are you my friend? Lovely post, a tribute to your friend. One is lucky to have friends like that even if it isn't forever.

Tell me how life is with you? I'm watching the first season of the Tudors on ON Demand. OMGOSH king Henry was a hell of a hottie!!!

Gentle loving hugs. :)

Matthew said...

Joanna, that is hands down one of the nicest things that anyone has ever said. We were there for each other to get through some tough times... trying to fit in but still trying to be individuals in a world that didn't really appreciate who we were or where we were going. I am so thankful you were and are still in my life. I still tell those stories to my friends and they look at me as if they couldn't possibly be true. LOL I know they are. We made magic in our lives through darkness and it was a chemistry only we had. Keep up your chin. You ARE beautiful and have the strength and power to create and accomplish more than you have ever known. Through it all, I will always be your friend and will always love you.


jojo said...

I know babe! You are as awesome as me! My love for you will never fade nor the memories of life in BFE!