Monday, February 16, 2009

where to begin?

  • As I begin typing my opening statement once again, I wonder to myself what I am expecting from this. I am going to assume this is a process and work from there forward. 
  • So, welcome to my world! I guess I  can give some basic background information.
  • my education is medical and related to Occupational Therapy
  • I am a mother of three, step-mother to one
  • I am newly re-married (will be a year soon)
  • I am disabled due to neurological and pain issues
  • I am awaiting diagnosis for lesions in my spinal cord that appear to be tumours
  • I recently relocated across the country to be with my husband
  • I may always identify myself as a southern woman who ruffled feathers and didn't care.

        All that being said I am going to assume that any readers, if any, are familiar with me and my situation. I previously blogged on cre8buzz as JoJo and may re-post some of the cached information.

       I have just returned from a two week visit with my sister in Virgina. My sister is a proud new mother of a soon to be six week old baby girl. I must say I was not prepared to fall thoroughly in-love with my niece, but I did. In fact, the bond was so strong and sudden that I began lactating within 24 hours of arriving. I stayed and helped watch the baby as my sister and her husband transition into parenthood.

        She is such a wonderful baby that I hardly found the overnight duty taxing. I was surprised at how very engaging she is and what a sweet temperment she possesses. It will remain to be seen how I will remain active in her life even though I am many  thousand miles away!

        I have also been impressed by the level of attention I am recieving from my family and animal since returning. I can only guess that even if I feel my presence is somewhat diminshed by illness, the creatures around me haven't noticed. My youngest child, wildman, saw me across the airport and broke into a dead run yelling "Mom!" My older son, the lil' gentleman, has stuck close to my side. My daughter, also known as wannaberockstar, has yet to quit complaining about the injustices suffered in my time away. It's good to be home.

      My cat's, even my aloof siamese,have taken turns in my lap and watching me to make sure I am not going to sneek off.  My husband, the wild norseman, managed to impress me by gifting me with my new favorite perfume for Valentine's Day... Absolutely Irresistable by Givenchy. Maybe I should go away more often?

      Well, that's it for now. Welcome and do  check back in as I develop my page and link to friends found!


Ian said...

Welcome back. I'm glad you had a good trip.
I like the look here.

jojo said...

thank you Ian, I obviously need to have some changes as I am just now finding comments! ;)!