Thursday, March 3, 2011

The relapse

She sneaks in quietly like a thief in the night or comes at you like a freight train as you are tied to the tracks watching.

This one has been a freight train, I saw it coming it was overwhelming stress pure and simple. No amount of zen would stop this puppy.

The stress, what does it matter it's all the same, my now 14 year old daughter making my life hell, my children who refuse to help me around the house or cry like two year old's when made to, what does it matter... It all results in the same.

I am walking into walls, loosing my words, unable to focus on conversations, completely miss out on comments made to me (which incidentally pisses the speaker off) and still have to pull the lions share around the house if I don't want to live in a pigsty.

Am I complaining, absolutely do I think anyone actually reads my crap anymore, not really. So there it is I have been gone because my body is not cooperating and I do not know when it will again. Whoo-hooo three cheers for this suck ass disease I have to call my own.

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